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Grras Training and Development Center is committed to giving the best security training possible, our Advance Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing Course covering the most critical issues and practices of information security today which is designed for Network and System Administrators and Security Experts. The goal of this advance training is to provide IT Security professional’s totally hands-on exercises to reinforce theory that you learn in the training classes that helps you “Learn by Doing”.

Our Popular Advance Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing Course go in-depth into the techniques used by Malicious (Black Hat) Hackers with hands-on lab exercises. Introducing latest Hacking tools and Techniques in the field, this class teaches you how to use the techniques which were used by malicious hackers, to perform a white-hat or ethical hack on your organization to check the security constrains. You will leave this class with the ability to access and measure the threats to the information assets, and also discover where your organization is most vulnerable to hacking.

In this course you’ll many attacks and their security in-depth, some of them are listed:

  • Practical Mobile Device Penetration Testing
  • Practical Web Application Penetration Testing
  • Wireless Penetration Testing and Securing your Enterprise Wireless Network
  • Network Penetration Testing
  • Assessing and Securing the Perimeter

In Mobile Device Penetration Testing, we will cover many security risks and controls on the mobile platform (Android and iOS). You’ll get hands-on experience with the top threats your organization is facing when targeting mobile and BYOD devices. In Web Application Penetration Testing, we focus on preparing students for the real world of web application penetration testing through extensive lab exercises. During the course you’ll get hands-on learning experience and all the ins and outs of web application penetration testing by attending the lectures through an expert instructor. Every Lecture in followed by a hands-on lab exercise. You’ll learn how the black hat hackers assess the application, so you can demonstrate the true vulnerability of the application to its owner. Finally, the lab will be followed by the remedial action steps so you can secure the application.

As wireless networking technology is the fastest growing Solution in today’s world, providing flexibility and cost effective but at times it can also be vulnerable to various attacks.

In Wireless Penetration Testing and Security, you’ll learn many Active and Passive attacks on Wireless Network. You’ll learn to crack WEP and WPA networks and also many wireless reconnaissance tools also some alternate WEP and WPA Cracking techniques.

In Network and Perimeter Exploitation part, you’ll learn successfully how to attack modern networks and systems which are fully patched, hardened from many attacks and to get confidential data which are inside them.

In this course many aspects will come across like Hacking and securing wireless networks, systems, servers, services which were defined above but the most importantly you’ll learn designing Information Security Policies and Documentation/Reporting every work you do. Effective Information Security Policy Development which leverages existing organization policies and culture has a greater chance of being approved and successfully implemented. In this course we’ll guide you on critical information security policy elements, communicating the policy organization-wide and executive reporting. This course will also explore the process of creating security policies. You will get hands-on experience developing and reviewing information security policy. You’ll examine your organization’s culture to understand how to evaluate policies which will be accepted and effective in your own company’s environment. Information security policies are a critical element of any organization and are the foundation of its security program. Successful security policies are built with the understanding of the organization’s culture and reflect the business’s vision and mission. Without well-written policies, organizations will discover that they have little or no recourse when a security incident occurs.